Velvet is the fabric of the season
Overview ítems
by Toast
Long velvet kimono
by Aerin
Velvet cocktail clutch with rectangular gold closure
by Jacquemus
Velvet asymmetric skirt
by Kiko
Velvet mat satin lipstick
by Haider Ackermann
Quilted velvet and wool jacket
by Love Stories
Velvet short
Cleansing Oil
by Votary
Cleansing oil with rose, geranium and apricot
by Uterqüe
Green velvet shoes

Velvet is the fabric of the season

If you thought velvet was just a old-school’s decadente fabric you are wrong, velvet is this fall’s most wanted texture. Fashion shows and street style are the living proof, both platforms have crowned velvet as this winter’s King.
We can see this trend in almost every piece, from little accessories as sunglasses to clothing pieces like trousers and even coats. The velvet trend is not fashion exclusive even though we will focus on that matter. Deco and Beauty are some areas where velvet has hit hard.; we have found a lipstick by Kiko Cosmetic with a velvet finish that will bring a sexy touch to your lips. We have also found a Cleaning oil by Votary with rose, peach and geranium that will bring a smooth and soft thouch to your skin.
Sometimes we associate velvet with nightfall and black, but this season there will be a huge change. Velvet has rejuvenated, velvet is leaving the house in the morning with any kind of piece, going to any kind of place and in every kind of colour. For example, we have loved Uterqüe’s green shoes which you can wear with your jeans to the office, but you can also wear them with a chiffon dress to a night out.

The same thing will happen with Jet Set Diaries’ maxi dress, we will wear it with a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt underneath, playing it cool and down.But if you wish to go dancing, just put on a pair of sophisticated sandals and grab your Aerin wallet and prepare yourself for a crazy night.
Ballet has inspired a great amount of designers this season, that is why we suggest you a blue velvet dress by &OTher Stories, easy to wear, sexy, comfortable and very flattering. Not only classic designers like Valentino have featured velvet on their collections, some transgressive brands like Jacquemus have also fallen in love with this fabric as you can see on the skirt we have chosen for you. What about Haider Ackermann’s jacket? So original and elegant, sophisticated and daring, chocolate-brown and green khaki. We love it, as we do love everything he does, huge fans.
Topshop’s drapped skirt is another great example of velvet’s adaptability. Velvet it willl make everything modern, it can even turn an antique piece like Toa’s Kimono in something very chic.
If for some reason you decide to stay home on those rainy days and you wish to stay comfortable but chic, you will find the best pieces at Love Stories Intimates, so many pajamas for you to choose.
Velvet has won our hearts, we know we can wear it all the time and we absolutely love its comeback and importante. Colours, texture, pattern, everything is new in this made-up world.


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