Winter beauty care tips
Overview ítems
by A´kin
Organic oil with vitamin C
Pack Trio
by I.C.O.N.
Pack of Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil
by Beauty Counter
Purifying charcoal mask
by Korres
Lip butter with light texture and tinted finished
Massage Tool
by Solac
Lipo-Shaper cellulite fight
Charcoal Soap
by Beauty Counter
Charcoal cleansing detox bar
by Tosca
Tropical sparkling notes parfum
Collagen Capsules
by Ioma
Encapsulated anti-wrinkle care
by Foreo
Electrical silicone toothbrush

Winter beauty care tips

We can’t forget about taking care of our body in winter because summer is just around the corner. It is very important for us to follow some rutines for our skin not to loose hydration and smoothness. But that’s not all, we must keep exercising and eating healthy, you will thank us when it’s time to wear a bikini. Let’s start with HYDRATING, yes girls, capital letters. We need hydration for everything: lips, face, neck, body, hands, feet, hair, etc., and one of hydration’s worst enemy is cold. so we must fight back.
1. Lips must be hydrated all the time because they dry up a lot and we keep wetting them with saliva and this small gesture irritates them. Lip Butter by Korres is a karite balm with rice wax that will protect your lips from environmental aggressors and UVA rays.
2. Nothing will do better for your skin than A’Kin’s oils, perfect for every type of skin, fast absorption and perfect from day to night use. These oils are organic and very efficient.
3. We haven’t forget about how important is to clean properly our skin, that is why we have featured in our shopping Beauty Counter’s fabulous soap, it will detox and absorb your skin spots. Its natural formula not only will clean your skin but moisture, brighten and soften it as well. To end up properly the cleaning step apply for 10 minutes Beauty Counter’s purifying face mask.
4. The best advice we can give you all for your hair is the India line by I.C.O.N., a very good friend and hair and makeup guru recommended it to us in a very long and very cold day of shooting. He noticed how damaged my hair was (even though I have great.quality-hair 😉 ). He recommend me this Spanish and artisan brand, so I’ve tried and the results were amazing. These products bring back the light, the strength and health to my hair.
5. Choosing a good body scent is also an important matter to our own comfort. Simone by Tocca will remind you of a tropical summer, so this will cheer you up for the remains of winter.
6. Very important: taking care our ourselves from the inside out. Ioma’s collagen capsules will reduce your lines a 25%, but there are many other options on the market to start with capsule-bauty, healthy and efficient.
7. Winter meals are more elaborated and heavier, we also eat less fruit. Food may damage our enamel, that is why on The Fanzynet we want to remind you how important is to take care of your mouth. Foreo’s Issa toothbrush will clean and whiten your teeth due to its silicone head.
8. The best way to keep fitted at winter is a great massage. With Solar Sculptural you will fight cellulite and also get a great draining massage anytime you want. Get ready for that bikini!

All this advices will help you to take care of your body this winter, you will feel great. You’ll fantastic on the summer, you’ll be everyone’s envy. Just one more thing: hydration and more hydration, that is the key.


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