Last chance to look great at the beach this Summer!
Overview ítems
Expresslim Thights Treatment
by Jeanne Piaubert
Eight days specific care for flabby thights
Body Polish
by One Love Organics
Exfoliate and hydrate body organic cream with vitamin C
Dietary Supplement
by Fountain
Dietary supplement with hydrolyze collagen
Tan Lotion
by Tanwise
Sunless tan lotion for immediate bronzing effect
Ultra Acellerator
by Nurse Jamie
Hand-held device to boost firmness, tone and texture to your skin
Hair Serum
by Rare El´Ments
Hydration and nourishment Treatment pre-shampoo
Set Razor
by Oui Shave
Razor set that includes blade and oil shave
Lip Scrub
by Sara Happ
Lip exfoliator with a sparkling peach scent
Hot File
by Tweezerman
Neon hot file, buff, smooth and shine block

Last chance to look great at the beach this Summer!

If you have not had time to prepare a proper beach body set-up and need express solutions, do not despair, we have found just what you need to do a total conditioning from head to toe!
First, let’s clarify something that basically we all know: you can’t have a perfect body in a week, but the world doesn’t end and holidays continue to be the best there is, which is what matters. But with a little help from state-of-the-art cosmetic and technology in our favor, you will see that things improve substantially and the simple fact of taking care of us, of changing the chip to healthy mode, makes us feel well and gives us security.
We suggest some findings with which you will see results from its first application, small gestures to improve appearance instantly and what is best, put you on the path to a deep reshaping.
Start with a good peel is always a good idea, it will leave the skin in optimum conditions in order to make more effective the active ingredients of the products that you use then.
This time we have opted for the peeling of One Love Organics, which in addition of leaving the skin super soft, has a combination bio ultra-concentrated of vitamin C, aloe and shea butter which will provide hydration and brightness to your skin.
For the lips, being so thin-skinned and that suffer much at this time, we will use a specific peeling for this delicate area, The Lip Scrub from Sara Happ will rejuvenate your lips in a moment.
Waxing is another essential step. If you did not had time to opt for a longer lasting method, we recommend the shaving set of Oui Shave, that turns this moment into a sensory experience.
And is time to one deeper offensive: the specific treatment Hips Expresslim Specifique Culotte of Cheval of Jeanne Piaubert, on sale at el Corte Inglés, is the first specific treatment for flabby thights that ensures outstanding results in just 8 days!
We are rounding up the rebels in our particular lightning war, this time is the turn of sagging and wrinkles, and technology will be our ally. The device for the face and body Acellerator Ultra from Nurse Jamie, on sale at, transforms the skin of the face and body in a matter of minutes, toning, smoothing and stimulating cell repair. A cutting-edge secret weapon!
A food supplement will help you to take care of you from the inside with much more effective effects. The beauty supplement of Phyto Collagen Molecule by Fountain, in, will keep your skin young with hydrolyzed collagen and more than 65 nutritional properties.
A healthy, nourished and bright hair is fundamental in any set-up and more if the hair is going to suffer with the sun, salt and chlorine. Prevent it by using El Treatment of EL´Ments in, a serum that will give your hair all it needs.
Well cared nails are not an insignificant detail, they always give a neat look. With the files from Tweezerman which provide all the necessary steps for the care of nails, you can have them done even unpainted.
And finally, One Hour Tan from Tanwise at, will provide you with an immediate tanning effect.
Nobody will notice that you have just arrived!

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