Hight-Tech at-home beauty gadgets
Overview ítems
Age Defying Laser
by Tria
A laser device designed to decrease aging-effects
I-Feel Beauty Box
by Feeligold
Face and body solution that combines technology with natural cosmetic formulae
Time COntrol
by Talika
Aging control device for eyes contour
The Thync System
by Thync
Device that provides low energy waveforms that energize or relax you by stimulating nerves
Perfect Skin Laser
by Lowe
Low-level laser treatment for face and body
AgeLOC Galvanic Body Trio
by Nu Skin
ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa unit and two advanced anti-ageing body products
Face Device
by Ziip Beauty
Nano current skincare device
by Iluminage
Skin rejuvenates eyemask with patented copper technology

Hight-Tech at-home beauty gadgets

The wellness and beauty sector have entered in a new era. Face and body care are now in partnership with the market’s most advanced technologies. Hig-tech , innovating treatments, intelligent fabrics and gadgets designed for a semi-professional finish at home.
After a few years of a well documentated abuse of plastic surgeries, women seek to lighten aging signs in some less invasive ways, staying true to their nature and moving towards instrumetal technonogy which seeks to improve the global appearance of the skin avoiding surgery.
Nowadays women want visible and immediate results, that is why these cosmetic tools are so popular, they allow a more homogeneous and locate effect, they soak deeper into the tissues, they offer product’s better application and an enlargement of their effects.
We have chosen 8 gadgets that will prove that beauty’s future is today.
– I-FEEL BEAUTY BOX by Feelgold is a face and body solution that combines the best technologic innovations and the excelence of natural cosmetics with a wonerful skin care formula as a result from years of research, impresive results in a very safe way. I-FEEL BEAUTY has been strictly designed to work in synergy with ACTIV’FEEL lotions that easy micro-flows and estimulate LED’s action.
– AGELOC GALVANIC BODY TRIO by NU SKIN this pack contains the new ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa and two anti-aging products. Galvaic flows are the base of this treatment, it has been proved that this flows are very effective to increase the absorption of anti-aging ingredients up to 24 hours, helping to estimulate your skin, purify it, refreshing it and reducing aging signs so your body will look more smooth and solid.
– TIME CONTROL by TALIKA is an aging control device for the eyes contour ( you can also use it for wrinkles around your lips or your forehead). Forget about eye bags and wrinkles thanks to iontherapy that will stimulate fibroblasts and improves the penetration and effectiveness of active ingredients.
– NANO CURRENT SKINCARE DEVICE by ZIIP BEAUTY is an electronict device that you can handle with one hand, you’ll have to connect it to your iphone or ipad and it will send out electric waves to stimulate your skin cells. Along with a conductive gel and using it once a day, the results will come soon as a more radiant and smooth skin.
– AGE DEFYING LASER by TRIA is a laser device designed to decrease aging-effects. Thousands of microscopic laser beams penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to support the natural production of collagen and elastin, triggering the cell renewal process.
– THE THYNC SYSTEM kit by THYNC this device through out low-frequency waves will bring energy or unwind stimulating the nerves on your head or your neck. Cientific research have proven that its frequent use will make you sleep better ( is there a better beauty treatment than a good night sleep?) o will cheer you up. Say goodbye to caffeine and sleeping pills!
– SKIN REJUVENATED EYE MASK by ILUMINAGE this eye mask made of intelligent copper fabrics is a very advanced treatment to minimise your eyes’ wrinkes while you sleep.
– PERFECT SKIN by LOWE: As its own name calls it, this laser gadget will make a huge action on your skin, not jets on the face but on the body as well. It will reduce wrinkles, minimise flaws, fight strech marks, cellulite and skin marks. A wonderful lotion conductive with no side effects.

Photo:Diary of a Spa, Nadja Auermann by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue US June 1994


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