Get a sexy and safe summer tan!
Overview ítems
Brume Solaire
by Bioderma
Photoderm Max Brume Solaire SPF 50
by Hamptons Sun
After sun cooling spray
by Aèsop
Protective body lotion SPF50
Coconut Foam
by Minetan
Intense hydrating skin therapy that gives you an exotic dark tan
Golden ELixir
by This Works
Antioxidant serum with 24 carat gold to age proof, hydrate and enhance skin.
by Grown Alchemist
Purifying body exfoliant
Brozing Mist
by James Read
Instant brozing mist
by African Botanics
Intense skin repair balm
by Soleil Toujours
Face mineral sunscreen SPF 45

Get a sexy and safe summer tan!

Summer is almost here, just a few days away. Two months ago we wrote about the goods of preparing your skin for summer and today we are gonna recommend you a few products to take care of your skin during all summer. We assume you have been drinking lots of water to flush impurities out of your system, that you have been eating fruits and vegetables and that you have been exercising. Well, if you followed all our recommendations you should be ready for tanning! We have selected a few products for you carry all summer long, from elixirs to balms; everything your skin will need this summer is right at our shopping.
First of all, protection. Protecting your skin from the sun is very important, and a health matter. Aèsop’s protective Body Lotion with SPF50 is a lightweight sunscreen that provides up to eighty minutes’ water resistance with a very refreshing aroma with ingredients rich in Vitamin E to provide skin-nourishing benefits in addition to high-level protection.
We suggest you aplly an specific sunscreen for your face, an specific lotion to protect your most delicate skin. Face Mineral sunscreen SPF45 by Soleil Toujours is formulated specifically for the face. It will help you to prevente sunburn.
When you sun exposure it is very important you keep taking care of your skin, you should exfoliate periodically and hydrate it persistantly. Grown Alchemist’s Purifying Body Exfoliant incluyes extracts of peppermint and pearl will remove the dead cells of your skin and will leave it clean and very smooth.
Hampton Sun’s Bronze Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray is a beautiful way to revitalize skin and achieve a golden, shimmering glow. This product soothes and hydrates the skin on contact using a luxurious cocktail of natural ingredients which includes aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber extract and Vitamins A trough E among others.
The Botanical Face Balm by African Botanics is a multi-correctional treatment balm is designed to replenish fatiqued skin, target hydration levels, calm, reduce redness and restore imbalances, the perfect product to apply on your face after sun exposure.
This Works’ Skin Deep Golden Elixir is a rapidly absorbed, antioxidant serum with 24 carat Gold to age proof, hydrate and enhance skin.
Bioderma’s mist sun protector is a brand new product, its transparent formula makes it so lightweight.
We have also picked a few products for those first summer days when your skin still looks a little bit pale. James Read’s Instant Bronzing Mist is an ultra-light, fast-acting Mist that bronzes the skin instantly and continues to develop over three to five hours. One of the best products on the market.

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