Don´t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter!
Overview ítems
Nail Lacquer
by Nars
Glitter nail lacquer
Glitter Lipstiks
by StarGazer
Hyper pigmented lipsticks impregnated with sparkling cosmetic glitter
Jelly Pot
by Moonshot
Jelly pot glitter for eyes
Hair Glitter
by Major Moonshine
Gel textured glitter for hair
Glitter Lips
by Beauty BLVD
Waterproof and smudge proof glitter for lips
by Sephora
Longterm duration glitter eyeshadow
by Urban Decay
Water-based glitter eyeliner

Don´t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter!

This season the IT makeup trend is glitter. We have seen it at Fendi’s, Giamba’s or Marc Jacobs´shows among others. We also know many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna who seem to be huge fans of this fun beauty trend, and of course, models like Bella Hadid also love glitter.

The good thing about glitter is that you can use it anytime anywhere, but the perfect moment will be a fun night out, dancing and having fun.

So, would you like to try glitter?
If you wish to add a glamourous touch to your make up you can mix a little bit of glitter on your eye-shadow along with a smoky eye-liner.
If you are looking for a more Pop touch you can use a glitter lipstick, you won’t pass unnoticed!
You can also add some glitter make up on your brows, cheeks, under your eyes, anywhere! There are no rules, you can try as many colours as you want just to have fun, there are countless ways of mixing, trust us!
The only rule The Fanzynet will make up about glitter will be to chose on part of your face at a time. It will look ridiculous if you put on glitter on your eyes and also on your lips, it will look like a costume! Stay chic and elegant and choose just one spot!


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