“The eye has to travel” was one of the most famous quotes of Diana Vreeland.

As fashion editors in prestigious magazines during already more than a decade, we had the opportunity of travelling, discovering and enriching our senses of aesthetics. Years ago it was a privilege to travel and get some memories back from rare places or get some other different trends from most avant-garde capitals worldwide.

The eye of The Fanzynet travels for you all through the Internet, to allow you a unique shopping experience in some of the most legendary and well-known stores, but also, the possibility of finding a touch of uniqueness in small but very cool, trendy and fancy brands.

We feature shopping windows for a dreamy LIFE STYLE, showing a carefully curated selection of outstanding products sold on the net.

You just have to choose and enjoy it!


Most of her professional career has been directed as a fashion stylist on magazines like Chic, Telva, Smoda and at the Spanish editions of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. Fashion Director of Vogue Spain Supplements (Brides, Jewelry, Kids, Trends, Accessories and Beauty) and stylist and set designer on advertising.
Nowadays she collaborates as freelance editor with AD Spain.


She has developed her career in decoration with her own business, and in the later years, as a fashion stylist at Telva’s Magazine for more than ten years and as a fashion consultant for some brands. Nowadays she is Vanity Fair Spain’s Fashion Director.

Beatriz Machado Contributor

Fashion and advertising stylist and freelance features editor specialized on fashion, decor and life style. She has worked as assistant at Vogue Spain, Telva and Harper’s Bazaar Spain, and with brands like Pepe Jeans.